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Foamcore is a lightweight, rigid foam board that’s popular for arts and crafts. You can use it to make signs and boards, which are perfect for home or office decor. The best part about foamcore printing is that it’s just as easy as printing on paper—and cheaper! What’s more, you can choose from different sizes of foamcore board and even have your design printed on both sides if you wish. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Foamcore sign or board:


Printing on foamcore is a fairly common practice. You can do it with any laser printer or color inkjet, but you must be careful to use the right type of paper, as many commercially available papers are not thick enough to support the weight of the ink. If you want to print your work on foamcore and display it in a gallery or at an event, you’re going to have some options when it comes to materials and quality, as well as different ways of mounting your work so that it looks great.


Foamcore is a great material for signs, but it’s also used in a wide variety of other applications:

  • Craft projects
  • Photo mounting and framing
  • Home décor and wall art
  • Modeling, including miniatures and doll houses


Foamcore is a lightweight, rigid, versatile and durable material used to create signs and boards. It’s made of foam and paper, so you can easily cut it with an X-acto knife or scissors.

Foamcore boards are ideal for large format printing because of the quality of their finish—they’re smooth on both sides so they don’t show through when viewed from the backside. They also have a strong edge so your project will last longer without curling up at the corners over time like other materials might do under constant use (like cardboard).

Foamcore Board

Foamcore board is a versatile, lightweight and sturdy material. It’s a composite material made of foam and paper. The paper makes it easy to cut, fold and shape into different shapes. Foamcore boards are lightweight and easy to transport so they’re great for on-the-go projects like presentations, signs or posters in an office environment. They come in different thicknesses from 1/8″ thick up to ¾” thick!

Signs and boards can be printed on foamcore board.

You can use foamcore for signs and boards in a variety of situations. Here are some ideas:

  • Foamcore makes great signs and posters when you need to move them from place to place. Because it’s lightweight, your sign will be easy to carry around, even if it’s large or bulky. The material itself is durable enough that it won’t break easily, even if you bump into it with your handbag while carrying it down the street!
  • Foamcore is also really easy to mount on a wall using staples or pushpins. You don’t need any special tools or skills—just get out your stapler and hammer, find something heavy like an old book or brick (or ask someone else), put some staples in one side of the board (or both sides if needed), put some hooks on the other side (if applicable), then stick ’em up! You’ll have that sign hung up faster than you can say “I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this already.”


Foamcore board is a great material for printing signs and boards. It’s lightweight, easy to work with and can be cut into any shape or size. Foamcore boards are also very affordable, so they are perfect for small businesses who want to make their own signs without spending too much money on them.