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If you’ve ever shopped at a retail store, you probably know that shelf talkers are those little cards or signs that hang off the shelf of a product. They are used to attract customers’ attention to specific items in the store. They can also be used to highlight features and benefits of products, educate customers about how to use them, or encourage them to purchase a particular product.

The best way for small business owners like yourself who don’t have much money for advertising or marketing is by using this easy-to-use tool – the shelf talker!

What is a shelf talker?

A shelf talker is a printed piece of paper, usually printed on a plastic cardstock and often placed in front of the product. The shelf talker advertises a product or brand and can be used to promote a product or brand. They are commonly found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail locations.

Why use shelf talkers?

Shelf talkers are used to attract the attention of customers. They’re often used to provide information about the product, promote new products, and provide information about discounts or special offers. They can also be used to promote an event or location change. Finally, they’re also a great way to promote a new brand of product!

Which format should I use?

There’s no one “right” way to design your shelf talkers. The answer depends on a few things:

  • What type of product are you selling? What is the size, shape, and weight of the item? Will it fit into a standard size frame or do you need something custom-made?
  • How much space do you have available for your shelf talkers? Are they in a corner with plenty of breathing room, or are they smack in the middle of aisle three where there isn’t an inch to spare?
  • How many products do you want to include with each little display piece (i.e., how much information can go on each card)? If two different shelves were available for your use—one with four rows and one with eight—what would help sell more snacks from the cash register: one big sign or four small ones?

How many copies should I print?

The number of copies you need depends on the size of your product, and how many people will see it. If you have a large product (like an ottoman), you may want to print more copies to make sure that each customer sees one. On the other hand, if your product is small (like a tea bag), then there’s no need for as many copies—you don’t want them cluttering up your table! As with all things in life, it’s best to use a smaller quantity first, just so you can make sure everything’s going well before ordering a larger batch later on down the road. There are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Shelf talkers tend not to get thrown away because they’re useful! Customers might grab them off their shelf and put them into their purse or pocket before leaving store…and then forget about them at home when they get home (or lose them). Either way: these are still excellent marketing tools since they remind customers about products whenever they see them again during shopping trips or while watching TV at night while sitting back relaxing after dinner 🙂

Should I print them in color or black and white?

You should consider black and white if you are printing in a dark color, like blue or green. This will help your shelf talkers stand out on the shelf and make them easier to read.

If you need more room for information, then color is better. This can be helpful if you have a lot of text or detailed images that need to be displayed prominently.

What are the advantages of custom printing my shelf talkers at FedEx Office vs. printing them myself?

FedEx Office has a suite of customizable options available to you, but we also provide quick turnaround times and high-quality printing options. There are several advantages to using FedEx Office for your custom printing needs:

  • Cost savings. Printing shelf talkers at home can be time consuming, as well as costly in the long run if you have to throw away or reprint items multiple times due to poor quality. By outsourcing your custom printing needs, you’ll save money on materials and labor while still getting the job done right the first time around!
  • Greater quality control. At FedEx Office locations across the country, our professional staff is trained in all aspects of graphic design and print production—from Adobe Illustrator software training classes to hands-on experience working with state-of-the-art digital presses—to ensure that each order comes out looking its best! This means no more guesswork about whether your final product will be legible or readable from afar (or even up close). And because our employees know what they’re doing when it comes down

to these specific tasks within our industry (and beyond), there’s not much room for error during any step along their way into becoming final products delivered directly into consumers’ hands—that means less likelihood of having mistakes happen along this journey too!

A well-printed shelf talker is a great way to attract customers’ attention to your product in a retail store.

If you’re interested in printing shelf talkers at FedEx Office, contact us today! We can help you with everything from design to printing and shipping.